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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who owns Kalaeloa Partners LP?
A. Kalaeloa Partners is a partnership of two companies. Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), one of the country’s leading publicly traded diversified power companies, is Kalaeloa’s managing partner. Harbert Power Corporation, Kalaeloa’s limited partner, is engaged in the development, construction, ownership and operation of independent power-generating facilities and power-related assets.

Q. Does Kalaeloa use only fossil fuels?
A. Kalaeloa is able to accept a wide range of fuels, including gas, diesel, LSFO, and biofuels as they become available. Right now, our primary fuel source is low sulfur fuel oil (LSFO). Low sulfur oil is desirable because it uses less energy during refining. The LSFO used at Kalealoa Partners has a sulfur content of less than one percent, in compliance with environmental regulations.

Q. What does Kalaeloa do with the electricity it produces?
A. Kalaeloa has a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO). The power we produce—up to 208 MW per day—is purchased by HECO and added to Oahu’s electrical grid.

Q. Doesn’t Kalaeloa also produce power from steam?
A. Yes, we do. When our gas turbine channels power to the generator, it produces heat. We use the heat to produce steam. Energy produced by this process powers a steam turbine generator that produces additional electricity, at no extra cost, for our own operations. Steam is also sent to the nearby PAR fuel refinery to power its processes.

Q. What is Kalaeloa Partners doing to protect the environment?
A. Like most people in Hawaii, the people of Kalaeloa Partners care deeply about our environment. Kalaeloa Partners is committed to Hawaii’s renewable portfolio standards. To that end, we’re employing co-generation technology to reduce emissions while also exploring alternative fuels.

Public Community Meeting:

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 at 6:00 p.m.

Kalaeloa Partners LP (KPLP) would like to invite you to a virtual community meeting (webinar format) to be held on Wednesday, November 2, 2022.

The meeting will inform members of surrounding communities, the public, and stakeholders about KPLP’s power generation facility in the Campbell Industrial Park. KPLP will discuss the benefits it provides in delivering electricity to Oahu’s consumers, as well as updates on the proposed renewal of its amended and restated power purchase agreement (ARPPA) with Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO).

This meeting is a continuing series of community briefings to inform the surrounding communities and the public and provide an opportunity for questions and input from the community, including neighboring businesses.