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Ralph Izzo wants to be known as a clean energy leader. A scientist by background, he’s been a big believer in climate change throughout his career. As the CEO of PSEG, one of the nation’s largest utilities, he is dedicated to reversing the industry’s bad reputation for emitting harmful gases into the environment.

“That just doesn’t sit well with me,” he says. “I want us to not only not be the number one problem, but I want us to be the number one solution.”

With revenues of nearly $10 billion, the New Jersey-based utility is on the Fortune 500 list of the biggest companies in America. Founded in 1903 as the Public Service Electric and Gas Company, PSEG has had a history of serving the public in its 115-year history. Izzo is carrying on the public service tradition by closing the company’s coal burning plants and investing in solar energy and wind power.

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